Here is some feedback we got from one of our student surveys. If you have anything to say about our dance classes, please send us an email We want to make sure we always provide you with the best possible service.

"I like how all classes are very well structured. It is great to see that everything is so professionally done here. I have been to many other Salsa classes. I think the instructors here are quite well trained. They also seem to be able communicate with the students quite well. "
Rebecca Nolan - university student

"I have been a dance teacher for a while, teaching mainly Ballroom. I have attended many other dance schools. I think Club Salsa classes are the best I have seen in Sydney. The instructors are very well trained and very professional. I quite enjoy the way they teach!"
Joan McCully - dance teacher

"It's great fun! I've never thought I will enjoy a dance class so much. They break down all the steps really well. It is not as hard as I thought! And you meet so many people here…it is fantastic!"
Dean Rogan - sales manager

"It's really addictive. I come to class twice a week. I know a friend who comes all the way from Newcastle every week. He hasn't missed one for the last five months. It is really hard not to get hooked on it! A word of warning; this Salsa thing can become too addictive. Make sure you keep everything in good balance."
Tracey Nazarian - secretary

"I think the thing for me here is that you can meet so many people…and they all seem to be having so much fun. The instructors are quite approachable…and a lot of your fellow students are quite helpful too. There is always someone to dance with, someone to help with your steps if you are stuck."
Michael Leyland - TAFE student

"I keep coming to the Advanced class because I am really keen to improve my dancing the best I can. I want to become a Club Salsa instructor one-day. I am hoping by coming here every week I will get noticed more and show them that I am really keen.... who knows, I may be wearing that uniform one day!"
Sally - student

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